Company Background

Student Services Moving and Storage Company was started in 1973 by college students working while they attended the University of Virginia. Their idea of a business supplying general labor while enabling college students to earn money for their tuition has evolved into the company as we know it today; a full-service household goods mover offering nationwide service.

Student Services Moving and Storage Company movers are bright and hard-working. Many of the individuals who apply to us are working their way through school, so their jobs are important to them. Our moving crews are fully trained. They average hundreds of hours of moving experience and earn bonuses based on their safety record, care for your belongings, and evaluations completed by each customer. They understand the importance of your home and furnishings.

Direct Delivery

Student Services Moving and Storage Company’s goal is to get you into your new home or office as quickly as possible. We will move you any day of the week with direct service to 30 states up and down the east coast. We offer full packing and storage in our climate controlled warehouse if necessary. We do not combine shipments on our trucks; therefore, we offer overnight service, and guaranteed dates of pickup and delivery. The movers that pack and load your shipment will be the same employees that travel with and unload your items. This means that your belongings are delivered straight to your new home, so no long windows on delivery, and no new faces at the destination.

Quality People

All of our employees are handpicked from hundreds of applicants and have passed our extensive criminal background checks.  Each Student Services mover attends training sessions which include packing and moving our training house, a virtual residence located in our warehouse. The Student Services Moving and Storage Company training house includes everything our movers encounter on a real move; china, pictures, lamps, antiques, and major appliances. They also view a Student Services Moving and Storage Company produced video which takes them through a successful move step by step. They must also complete Department of Transportation driving and safety regulations tests. Finally, as a Student Services mover, their earnings are based on a strict bonus system. They are evaluated on delivering furniture safely, keeping our trucks clean, driving safely, and evaluations that are completed by the customer at the completion of every move. Our employees understand the importance of your home and furnishings. It is a system that has been successfully evolving for over 40 years.

Please give us a call with any questions. You’ll be glad you made the Smart Move with Student Services Moving and Storage Company.