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Student Services Moving and Storage Company is always searching for qualified people to work for us on a full-time or part-time basis. While new employees generally start out as movers, the company offers other full-time opportunities as well. As movers gain experience, they may be promoted to crew leaders, a job that entails managing large moves, overseeing long-distance moves, and interacting with customers and employees on a daily basis- all with minimal supervision. Student Services also offers special training for employees who are interested in joining our full-time management team.

To qualify for a position with our company, you must have a good attitude, be physically fit, and possess a safe driving record. Beyond that, we do the rest through a comprehensive training program that prepares you to be a safe and responsible mover.

Career Jobs

Whenever we can, we like to promote from within. For example, each of our current regional managers started out as a mover and advanced to the top of their respective offices. This type of advancement is made possible through our management trainee program. Employees who complete our program start out as assistant managers with responsibilities that include dispatching, sales and marketing, and other critical areas of the company. Besides placing you on a rewarding career track, with greater professional challenges and increasing levels of responsibility, the management trainee program offers paid vacation and health insurance benefits. Full-time managers also become eligible to participate in profit-sharing programs.

Summer Jobs

Whether you are interested in summer employment or a part-time job during school, Student Services Moving and Storage Company offers flexible part-time schedules to meet your needs. Even better, as a part-time mover, you’ll make great money. During your first summer with us, you can earn anywhere from $5000 to $8000. When you return in future summers as a crew leader, you may earn as much as $11,000. Tips from satisfied customers and bonuses earn you even more! 

The Year-Off Program

Some college students want to take time off from their studies before finishing their degrees. For them, we offer the Year-Off Program. Under the program, employees can work for a semester, a few months, or several days a week around their class schedule.

Tuition Assistance

We offer tuition assistance for any employee who successfully completes classes while working at Student Services Moving and Storage Company.  Assistance will be based on number of hours worked during each semester.  Feel free to contact our office for any clarification.

Why Work for Student Services Moving Company?

Our movers work with people their own age, make friends, meet new customers, learn leadership skills, and experience the satisfaction of working with others as a team. 

  • Top pay
  • Tuition assistance
  • Bonuses - for exceptional performance and safe-moving records.
  • Travel - overnight trips to over 30 states up and down the East Coast
  • Our movers make great tips!

If you are interested in working for Student Services Moving and Storage Company, please submit an application.