Additional Coverage

For your protection, you are required by law to place a value on your possessions before they are loaded by a moving company. You may choose to value your goods by their replacement cost, or by weight (the minimum coverage). Student Services Moving and Storage Company offers several protection plans which are underwritten by a nationwide insurer of movers. In the event of an accident to your goods, you should first contact Student Services. Then, if necessary, a claims specialist will contact you personally to help arrange any necessary repairs. Please note-simulated wood products and pressed board have poor structural integrity which does not lend itself to moving or repair. We will move these items carefully but cannot be responsible for damage of simulated wood or pressed board furniture. Student Services Moving and Storage Company assumes no liability or responsibility for any items or cargo placed in the customer's own vehicle in rental equipment, and which Student Services Moving and Storage Company does not transport.

Minimum Coverage: If no additional coverage is requested, then the maximum carrier liability is $.60 per pound per article. This means that if any damage were to occur to your goods the items would be repair or reimbursed subject to a limit of $.60 per pound of the items weight and a $100 deductible.

Note: To be certain of total coverage for any single damage, you must have valued the whole shipment for its total value.

Covered Property does not include:

a. Live animals, insects, vermin, rodents, birds, poultry, fish or marine life;

b. Automobiles, vehicles, transporting vehicles, trailers or containers unless specifically described as property to be transported or stored in any written contract issued or accepted by you;

c. Accounts, bills, deeds, letters of credit, passports, lottery or other tickets, stamps, money, currency, securities, checks, drafts, notes, evidences of debt, commercial papers, blueprints, mechanical drawings, manuscripts, other valuable papers or records, bullion, coins, precious stones, jewelry, abstracts, paintings, etchings, drawings, rare books, tapestries, sculptures, statuary and other bona fide works of art, rarity, historic value or artistic merit.

Replacement Value

ValuationPlan A
$0 deductible
Plan B
$250 deductible
Plan C
$500 deductible
$15,000 $160 $120 $85
$20,000 $200 $160 $110
$25,000 $250 $190 $135
$30,000 $300 $230 $155
$35,000 $345 $250 $175
$40,000 $390 $280 $210
$50,000 $450 $325 $255
$60,000 $520 $420 $300
$70,000 $580 $480 $355
$80,000 $630 $525 $410
$90,000 $680 $560 $465
$100,000 $750 $625 $510
$125,000 $900 $715 $560
$150,000 $1100 $900 $700

Special rates are available for shipments valued at over $150,000