Moving Tips

About Packing

To make your move as efficient as possible, all packing should be done prior to moving day. Please separate all personal belongings you may need overnight and items you will need immediately at your new home.

Make Use of All Space

For example; pack linens and clothes in drawers, chests, and trunks. Pack loose items in trash cans. 

If We Do the Packing

Our movers will pack everything unless you tell them differently. It is a good idea to sort through cabinets, drawers, shelves, and closets prior to the arrival of the packers. Look for items to give away or throw away, so you don’t pay to have them packed and moved, cluttering your new home. Also, look for valuable or important items that should be separated from the general household goods the packers will be packing. We do not pack or move jewelry, silverware, money, keys, flammables, and guns. You should try to separate your important papers or files as well.

What Must be Packed?

The following items must be packed in boxes or the movers will pack them and charge you accordingly; stereo components, game consoles, DVD players, plasma and flat screen TV's, small speakers and subwoofers, computers, mirrors, pictures, glass table tops, fragile lamps, all lamp shades, and all small fragile items.

REMEMBER Student Services movers are personally responsible for the safe delivery of your belongings. Please help them to do their job properly. Do not expect them to take chances.

Disassembly & Reassembly

Our movers will disassemble beds and will remove mirrors from dressers, and will reassemble these items at delivery. We do not service washers and dryers or remove water lines for refrigerator icemakers. Please have a qualified technician perform these services prior to the arrival of the movers.

Particle Board Furniture

Furniture manufactured from press board, particle board, and/or engineered wood is deigned to go into a box from the manufacturer, to the retailer, and then to the customer unassembled. It is not constructed to withstand the normal stress of a move as an assembled unit. We are not responsible for damage to these items.

Packing Yourself?

If you are packing yourself, don’t forget, we sell boxes! All boxes not packed by Student Services Moving and Storage Company are considered delivered safely if there is no external damage to the container. Please use an excessive amount of paper on your fragile items. Label each box, noting contents and where it is to be placed in your new home. Please tape all boxes closed.

Change of Address Cards

Ask one of our Move Coordinators about our FREE change of address postcards to send to your friends and family. We want to make your move as easy as possible.



Please check with the resident manager about reserving the elevator and loading dock. If your shipment is picked up and delivered the same day, the elevator must be available past 5:00 PM until unloading is complete. The schedule for your move may have to be adjusted in order to use the elevator.