We now offer SMARTCRATES - a more environmentally friendly packing alternative to cardboard boxes. SMARTCRATES are plastic reusable moving boxes that eliminate wasteful cardboard boxes and tape. When you use our SMARTCRATES your move is easier, packing takes less time, and you'll produce less waste.

The key to a stress-free, eco-friendly pack!

  • Pre-assembled (no building or taping boxes)
  • Attached lids for easy closing
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Waterproof and crush proof
  • Stackable
  • Lockable and secure
  • Clean and sanitary


  • 1 week minimum
  • 10 crate minimum
Price Includes
  • 1 week of usage
  • Delivery
  • Pick-up
  • Zip ties for locking
  • Easy peel labels

Terms and Conditions

  • No liability for damaged items
  • $20.00/crate if lost, broken or stolen
  • Delivery and pick-up windows must be set by SSMC management
  • 1 week cost is due upon order
  • Credit card will be held on file until SMARTCRATES are returned
  • SMARTCRATES are rented for local moves only. SMARTCRATES are available for purchase at $20.00/SMARTCRATE on long-distance moves (over 30 miles)
  • SSMC will supply labels must that be used (no marking on crates)