What is DormPro?

DormPro, a division of Student Services Moving and Storage Company exclusively for dormitory residents, is a streamlined service to pick up, store and deliver your belongings. We deliver materials, you pack everything up and we do everything else! It’s that easy.

Our DormPro kit comes with everything you need to safely pack your items: 10 boxes which include: 6 small boxes, 3 medium boxes, a large TV box, bubble wrap, tape, labels and a marker.

How much does it cost? Our one-time fee includes materials, pickup, summer storage and delivery. Our charges are based on $40/box with a ten box minimum ($400/minimum). Additional boxes can be added at a rate of $40/container and we can even add bikes, televisions or dorm fridges at an additional charge of $100.00 each.

What’s included? We pick up and deliver your boxes from your dorm room on 5/11/18 from 9 a.m.-3p.m. (your actual time will be narrowed down when you call to schedule). We will drop your items back off to you on 8/25/18. Our box truck will be onsite a couple of days before (5/9/18) to bring you your DormPro kit. As long as you set up your dorm move two days prior to the box drop you can get your kit. If you don’t get to us in time you are welcome to come by our office and pick it up.

Why should I choose DormPro? Our service takes the hassle out of clearing your room at the end of the school year. Why have your parents rent a truck and fly in unnecessarily when we will be glad to come get the items from your dorm room (not have you move it all to the parking lot like some guys) and bring them back to you at the beginning of the next school year? If you decide that you will not be returning to school and need us to hold your items longer, that's no problem. Your shipment will transfer to our full-service warehouse and you will be billed monthly for storage. When you/re ready, simply call us for delivery

Things to remember: All items must be packed in boxes (no loose items), plastic storage tubs, footlockers, or similar storage containers may be counted as boxes in your overall number, just remember that there is a ten box minimum. There will be an additional $50 fee if you are moving to an off campus apartment and need an amended delivery date. Payment is due at the time your boxes are picked up. There is no access to your items while they are being stored. That’s how we’re able to keep your costs down. In the event that you must have access to your items we will be glad to help at our local hourly rates (2 men/ $148/hour). Because of that we highly recommend NOT storing personal belongings such as medications, passports, money, checkbooks, birth certificates or any other items you may need over the summer for classes or travel. In addition, we do not store any flammables, explosives or liquids. Because the boxes are packed by you, we do not offer liability for damage of contents.

Please fill out the form below and one of our moving professionals will be in touch with you to schedule your move:

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